Tschanara Teagarden – Fresh Tea Seeds 2023

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Before our travel to Korea this year, we have collected every day over more than one week the seed capsules in our tea field in Germany.
We have prepared nearly every day those seed capsules, and yesterday we finished with this work.
We soaked them in water to remove the empty and non-viable seeds, and then we will calculate over the weight, the amount of available seeds.
Regarding tea seeds, last year we had for example, only 2 boxes of the ‘Korean cultivar’, this year from that source 16 boxes!
I guess last year at the flowering time the season was probably dry with a lot of insects for the pollination.
At the other side, two years ago, I made a deeper pruning, that have cut also the pollinated tea flowers.
The most of our tea rows are consisted of Korean seedlings, completely 24 rows in double rows in one field.
Korea, Japan and China are vigorous with a better performance, regarding frost tolerance compared to Sikkim or Nepal
So, let me know if there is some interest, and send me an email to : info@tschanara-teagarden.de